Pint of Science 2023

The IAdChem members, Dr. Juan José Nogueira and Dr. Matías Blanco, will be speakers at the Pint of Science Festival 2023.

On Monday May 22nd Dr. Nogueira will give the talk “Haciendo Química con el PC” in which he will explain how computational chemistry simulations allow us to model processes as complex and important as the damage suffered by DNA due to solar radiation, the entry of a drug into our cells, or the control of nerve impulses that reach our brain. This talk will take place in Península Centro (Madrid) at 19:00.

On Tuesday May 23rd Dr. Blanco will give the talk “Nanocosas que hacen cosas” in which he will explain what are “nanothings”, i. e., nanomaterials, and how they can be used to make chemicals, to produce hydrogen or for CO2 capture. This talk will take place in Bar La Manuela (Madrid) at 19:00.

More information can be found here.

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