The Institute for Advanced Research in Chemical Sciences at UAM (IAdChem) was founded in 2016 as an interdisciplinary unit encompassing researchers of four different Departments of UAM:

This joint venture aims to create the best environment to develop solutions to basic science problems and to societal challenges for which Chemistry will be essential to offer new perspectives.

During the first few years, several collaborations among the different groups of the institute have been established, and young researchers with high potential have been incorporated. The outcome, mentioned above, is rather positive. Noticeably, these positive results have been obtained even in the absence of the necessary funding of IAdChem as a whole. The enthusiastic attitude and will for collaboration of the researchers has been the driving force and, at this moment, a substantial resources income would give us the possibility of taking a qualitative step ahead based on the synergies that would come up.

Research performed in the IAdChem has gained world reputation in the following areas:

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