Coordination Chemistry: Applications in Biomedical Imaging

Prof. Mª Teresa Albeldo

Title: Coordination Chemistry: Applications in Biomedical Imaging.
When: 15:00 CET, Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022.
Place: Classroom 401, Module 15, Faculty of Sciences, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
Speaker: Prof. Mª Teresa Albelda Gimeno from University of Valencia.

Medical imaging techniques make possible to create images of the interior of the human body, providing morphological and functional information on the presence and extent of a disease. Advances in these techniques have been essential to achieve the survival figures that have been reached today, since they allow a better diagnosis, choice of treatment and monitoring of patients. Much of this progress is due to the use of contrast agents that allow earlier and more accurate diagnoses to be obtained. In this sense, many of the contrast agents developed for medical imaging are small metal complexes. The study of the chemical stability, toxicity, biodistribution, kinetic aspects and the behavior in solution of said coordination compounds will allow obtaining new, safer and more effective contrast agents. The present and future will focus on the synthesis of compounds designed specifically for target organs.

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