Research Assistant Position in the FRONCAT Group

Position type: Research Assistant.
Advisor: Dr. Alba Collado, FRONCAT group.
Location: Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
Requirements: BSc in Chemistry; previous experience in synthesis, purification and characterization in an inert atmosphere (management of Schlenk techniques); knowledge of advanced structural determination of compounds organic and organometallic; experience in homogeneous catalysis and in analysis of reaction kinetics; and high English level.
Tasks: Synthesis and purification of organic ligands; synthesis and purification of organometallic compounds under inert atmosphere using Schlenk techniques; characterization of organic and organometallic compounds by spectroscopic techniques (nuclear magnetic resonance, infrared and mass spectrometry); development of catalytic processes for CO2 functionalization; analysis and presentation of results through the preparation of reports and presentations.
Duration: 10 months. Contract might be extended depending on the performance.
Starting date: 1st September 2023.
When to apply: from 28th June to 11th July 2023.
How to apply: all the information here. Reference in the UAM employment portal: PR12/06/2023.

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