Research Assistant Position in Dr. Ribagorda Group

Position type: Research assistant.

Advisor: Dr. María Ribagorda.

Location: Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Elegibility criteria: Bachelor in Chemistry or related. Be under 30 years old on the date of hire. Not having been professionally linked to the UAM on 5th June 2023. Be unemployed until the day before hiring by the UAM.

Other valuable merits: Final degree project in Organic Chemistry, Degree or being enrolled in the Master’s degree in: Organic Chemistry, Drug Discovery, Medical Chemistry, nanoscience and nanotechnology or similar.

Tasks: This project focuses on the synthesis and characterization of a family of organic biomarkers as hypoxia sensors at the cellular level. Tasks will include: i) the development of organic synthesis methodologies for the preparation of the desired sensors; ii) product characterization, including photophysical and biological studies; and iii) common tasks in an organic chemistry laboratory.

Duration: 2 years.

Starting date: 1st February 2024.

When to apply: from 22nd December to 8th January 2024.

How to apply: all the information here. Reference: PEJ-2023-AI/SAL-GL-27242.

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