PhD Position in the Nano Materials Lab

Position type: PhD student.

Advisor: Dr. Javier Troyano.

Location: Nano Materials Lab, Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Eligibility criteria: The ideal candidate should have a degree in Chemistry as well as a Master degree (finished or in course). A good academic record, high English level, writing skills, learning capacities and motivation are required.

Research objective: In this project we plan to use post-synthetic modifications on MOFs and COFs gels as a powerful tool to generate compositional/structural gradients. Thus, the controlled transformation of MOF and COF gels into gradient gels will be the key to accessing a new type of materials with controlled directional transport properties. By controlling such transformations, we aim to endow the materials with directional gradients in pore size, charge, hydrophilic/hydrophobic character, light absorption capacity or specific chemical interactions. The main goal is to demonstrate the potential of introducing directional gradients into continuous three- dimensional porous networks, to give this concept a more general character, enabling the development of a broader new generation of functional porous materials.

Funding project: “Graded porous materials for energy and water applications (GRAPE)”. PID2022-141658NA-I00.

Duration: 3 years.

Starting date: September-October 2024.

Deadline to apply: 20th July 2024.

How to apply: Applications should be submitted via email to including the CV with Bachelor/Master grades, publications list and contact details. Additionally, research summary, and recommendation letters can be also included in the application

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