Organometallic Catalysis under Visible Light

Prof. Louis Fensterbank

Title: Organometallic catalysis under visible light.
When: 10:00 CET, Friday, July 7th, 2023.
Place: Sala de Grados, Module 8, Faculty of Sciences, Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM).
Speaker: Prof. Louis Fensterbank, Institut Parisien de Chimie Moléculaire, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France.

Over the last decade, we have been involved in the implementation of organometallic catalysis to the development of more sustainable synthetic radical chemistry. We have notably introduced hypercoordinated bis-catecholato silicates as versatile sources of alkyl radicals upon visible light photocatalysis. Using Ir(III) as catalytic photooxidant, or an organic dye, a series of alkyl radicals, including primary ones can be generated and engaged in intermolecular reactions. Interestingly, the photocatalyzed process can be merged with nickel-catalyzed Csp2-Csp3 cross-coupling reactions.
In the same vein and following our interest in gold catalysis, our recent efforts in photoredox/gold dual catalysis will also be presented. In the context of these studies, we have evidenced the first examples of photosensitized oxidation additive to a gold(I) complex leading to Csp2-Csp cross-couplings. Recently, photocatalyst-free conditions have been applied to the synthesis of indoles.

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