Upcoming Lectures

If you would like to give a talk or have any other questions please contact iadchem@uam.es.

Speaker When More information
Prof. Shuhei Furukawa 29th September 2023 [Click here]
Prof. Kyriakos C. Stylianou 29th September 2023 [Click here]
Prof. Lutz Ackermann 22nd September 2023 [Click here]
Dr. Javier López Cabrelles 7th September 2023 [Click here]
Dr. Fabio Juliá 14th July 2023 [Click here]
Prof. Louis Fensterbank 7th July 2023 [Click here]
Prof. Antonello Merino 30th June 2023 [Click here]
Prof. Héctor D. Abruña 6th June 2023 [Click here]
Prof. Yoshiaki Nakao 5th June 2023 [Click here]
Prof. Daniele Leonori 26th May 2023 [Click here]
Dr. Andrés Trabanco 19th May 2023 [Click here]
Prof. Joao P.C. Tomé 26th April 2023 [Click here]
Javier Bujalance Fernández 19th April 2023 [Click here]
Prof. Matthias Lehmann 14th April 2023 [Click here]
Dr. Juan José Nogueira 29th March 2023 [Click here]
Prof. Eli Zysman-Colman 24th March 2023 [Click here]
Prof. Diego Peña 8th March 2023 [Click here]
Prof. Israel Fernández López 20th January 2023 [Click here]
Prof. Dan Zhao 23rd September 2022 [Click here]
Prof. Xavier Sala Román 16th September 2022 [Click here]
Prof. Géraldine Masson 13th September 2022 [Click here]
Prof. Leslie Yeo 9th September 2022 [Click here]
Prof. Luca Dell'Amico 14th June 2022 [Click here]
Prof. Daniel Maspoch 19th May 2022 [Click here]
Prof. Angela Casini 30th March 2022 [Click here]
Prof. Mª Teresa Albelda Gimeno 23rd March 2022 [Click here]
Prof. Enrique García España 23rd March 2022 [Click here]
Dr. María Jesús Cabrera 22nd March 2022 [Click here]
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